A poet, writer and campaigner against inequality. Working hard to create a happier world through sharing allyship, activism, art and words.

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Book cover of Different, not less.

Latest book:
Different, not less.

Tony Malone with foreword by Julie Newman

In this new book of poetry, Tony explores themes of culture, human rights, and breaking down the barriers faced by Disabled People. The carefully chosen words serve as a rallying cry for equality and understanding. The author, Tony Malone, is an advocate for Disabled People’s Rights and has been actively involved in this cause for over 20 years. Through his words, thoughts, and actions, he has influenced the way we think about others, fostered compassion, and celebrated diversity.

The book also includes a foreword by Julie Newman, a renowned advocate for various rights, including disability rights. Julie has been a part of the Disability Rights Movement for most of her life. According to her foreword, the book is not just a collection of poems but a powerful celebration of pride in words. It portrays the hidden power often overlooked and reminds us that Disabled People are still here, continuing to raise the standard and promote not only Disability Pride but also pride in being true to ourselves.

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