Hands held, hearts entwined,
Solidarity’s embrace,
A new world blooms joy.

A Haiku of hope, Tony Malone, 2018

About Tony Malone

Dr Tony Malone is known to some by his Dharma name; Rinpoche Tenzin La, or simply known as ‘Tony’.  He doesn’t mind which name or title people use, whichever makes them the most comfortable. His pronouns are He/Him.  For those who are curious, a ‘dharma name’ is a name some buddhists use to denote their spiritual identity and is given to them by their buddhist teacher. 

Tony, who’s pronouns are He/Him, has spent over 25 years working to reduce inequalities across the world. He has worked with global organisations and local groups to seek how we adjust our perceptions of diversity and inclusion to seeing the people directly through what he has called, ‘the miracle of intersectionality’.

He spent nearly 8 years homeless, living in cars, boats and sofa-surfing after an abusive relationship and also experiencing direct homophobia. This time was some of his most creative and impactful for channelling his time into helping others and writing.

In 2022 Tony received the Wales Diversity & Inclusion outstanding lifetime achievement award for his work in LGBT+ Youth advocacy and the lives his work has saved for young people in conflict zones.

Poetry and writing:

Tony has always loved reading, writing, and the mechanisms that allow both to take place. He is also dyslexic. Tony struggled with school work in Maths and English, but he had great teachers!  His first book: Colour Theory, was a limited short run book of poetry on how colours evoke emotional intelligence in us.

He’s wrote horror stories for teenagers, helped write and art direct the Penny Dreadful horror series, and has previously had arts and environment columns in newspapers in the UK.

The body of work in his poetry books celebrate his passion not just for the planet but for friendships and compassion for all life. According to the founder of LGBT+ History Month:  “(Tony’s books) …teach us to reflect on the beauty around us and be better humans for it.”

His groundbreaking book: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion The Practical Guide was first launched in 2017 and fast became a global bestseller with over 175,000 copies across 2 editions and 14 counties.  The third edition update of this book is currently in writing.

Tony also writes articles for news media across the world, and currently does motivational speeches for the work place, schools and after dinner speaking all over the world. His ‘Poetry by Typewriter’ has also been very popular and a compendium of his work is due for publication in 2023 entitled ‘The Lilac tree’.

Human Rights, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

Tony was once labelled by the UN Commissioner for Human Rights as a “Proud Trouble Maker for Peace” he was pressuring her team for more clarity and greater compassion for young LGBTQIA+ people at the time. 

Since his first peaceful protest against racism & homophobia in 2001 he has continued to both be a ‘troublemaker for peace’ and skilled consultant in the spaces of Diversity & Inclusion.

He is currently the EDI Lead for the Sea Cadets, a global director of World Diversity Think Tank, the director of #WeAreAllDisabled and hold many advisory roles in campaign groups and charities across the world working towards inclusive and peaceful social change.

Tony’s work in this space have directly drafted UK, US & European law making towards inclusion and protection from discrimination and he has been a former UN Human Rights Advocate for the rights of Youth Refugees.

Tony is a popular public speaker, TV and radio commentator and independent conference and panel chair of the UK Institute of Government and Public Policy. Charing local and national discussions of policy and legislation on human rights and equalities subjects.


Tony’s passion for the arts started with his sketching time with his grandfather back in the 1980s. It moved on to an academic career in Fine Art & Visual Communication. He discovered his visual arts voice in Watercolour & Print making at Kent Institute of Art & Design and went on to study an MA in Typography and then a PhD in the accessibility of typed words and information design.

His artwork is occasionally represented by Saatchi, and his work in publishing design lead him to being a publishing designer and art director on many celebrated and award winning book projects.

He continues to paint, and now works to encourage others into all arts, from visual arts, creative writing and performing arts, as a workshop lead and trustee of various organisations.

Interfaith Dialogue & Buddhism:

Since learning about buddhist philosophy from his friend and teacher: Lama Tai-yun Gyatso he has gone on to study buddhism and peace dialogue, completing a second PhD in Buddhist Interfaith Studies at the University of Mumbai in 2007.

As ordained Buddhist non-monastic, with the title of ‘ChaJin Master’, which translates to ‘the teacher of tea masters’. Tony continues to practice Buddhism through his work and is an advisor to HH The 14th Dalia Lama for human rights subjects and the volunteer director of the Upeksa Foundation, a charity which aims to teach buddhist and interfaith peace through tea ceremonies to the next generation.

He still undertakes buddhist tea ceremony performances for young people in Scouts & Guides across the world regularly. 

Volunteering & Charity work:

Tony is a patron of LGBT+ History Month UK, a national trustee for Disability rights charity; Regard, a citizens assembly member and an ambassador for the Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) National Park. He continues to volunteer in Scouting at local, national and international events and projects. Currently as Diversity & Inclusion Lead for Scouts Cymru and is an ambassador for ShelterBox.

He is a keen supporter of the wildlife charities: RSPB and Songbird Survival.  Tony is also a trustee of two National Portfolio Arts charities; Together2012! a ParaOlumpic Legacy charity and Cheshire Dance, an organisation which brings people from all backgrounds into the artistic endeavour of dance. 

Personal life:

Tony has a partner, Chris, and two wonderful step children. They live in the Bannau Brycheiniog, (Brecon Beacons) in Wales, UK.

Some of the other work I do

Public Speaking:

Tony frequently goes out to talk on subjects such as “Being an Ally to all, inclusively” and importance of “Youth Rights” and on the “Language we use to label others” you can find out more by clicking here.

TV & Radio:

Occasional appearances on ITN News, BBC London, BBC RadioWales, BBC WorldService and NBC. Tony also used to have his own radio show briefly shared across various local radio stations celebrating 1940s music.

Youth Rights Development:

As an active Scout volunteer and a speaker on the importance of generations of different ages working together to solve the world’s problem and create a joyful new world Tony has been delivering youth projects for over 20 years.  A brief overview of this work this looks like:

  • 10,021 Tea Ceremonies & Faith Discussions for young people.
  • Over 3 years of time hours donated to youth charities in total and growing.
  • Receiving a UN Services to Peace award for his work in conflict zones.
  • A personal award from HH The 14th Dalai Lama for youth peace.
  • Over 300 school visits.
  • 3 Appearances at the UN to advocate for Youth Rights.
  • Lots of smiles, new friends and inspired peaceful activism.