10 simple ways to be a trans ally

Being a good trans community ally involves actively supporting and advocating for the rights and well-being of transgender individuals. It is more than simply sharing a good image or comment on social media, just ‘thoughts and prayers’ lack the direction action in allyship which the world needs.  It is through true, active allyship that we […]

Our tapestry vibrant; pride. -a poem

I want for a world that craves unity’s embrace, together, bound by love and grace. With hearts entwined, we march side by side, Celebrating pride, vibrant spirits soar high. A beacon of allyship in light to share, is testament to love’s unwavering care. Through understanding, support, and trust, We amplify voices, breaking barriers to dust. […]

10 Ways Climate Change is affecting Bird Life in the UK

Climate change is one of the most dangerous and growing factors impacting all nature and wildlife in the UK. Another reason we need to call it the Global Climate Emergency.  “Individually doing the right thing means we make a collectively wonderful difference.” -Tony Malone. 2020 saw the global pandemic caused in part by the climate emergency. 2021 […]

Finally, a visit to Newport Wetlands.

 Finally, today (5 Mat 2023) I managed to visit the RSPB Newport Wetlands Nature Reserve for a few hours of the morning. Brilliant to be greeted with a cheerful sound of bird song from the moment you arrive at the carpark and again with a friendly ‘Bore Da’ (Good Morning) from the volunteers as you […]

Deescalating Conflict: Strategies for Fostering Understanding and Peaceful Resolution

Conflict is often seen as an inevitable part of human interaction, occurring at various levels, from personal relationships to global conflicts. It doesn’t have to be. However, it is us, individually that shape thoughts into conflict, we define and label opinions, held beliefs, or disagreement as conflict within our minds. If we learn to keep to […]

Poem: The Robin & Blackbird

I’m awake early again, still in pain, but happy as again I can enjoy this view and write a poem. Today’s I’m sharing starts with a Haiku as a title and wrote in response to this mornings dawn chorus here in the Welsh valleys. I hope you enjoy it. Robin and blackbird, Melodies blend at sunrise, […]

The many names of Avalokiteshvara

As Avalokiteshvara, the Lord who gazes down, Observing all suffering, no bias, no crown. With eyes like lotus petals, gentle and serene, A beacon of solace, where hope’s embers gleam. In Tibet, Chenrezig, the embodiment of love, Resonates with the faithful, like echoes from above. A thousand arms extended, reaching far and wide, Embracing all […]

We need to talk about stereotypes.

Stereotypes are something we all can think off, and consciously or unconsciously we all use. The idea that everyone within a certain community shares the same characteristics, physical, emotional and behavioural. There are some obvious ones, the ones about women, different races, cultures or faiths. They don’t just appear out of nowhere – they are […]

The right to choose

While women are taxed for periods Gender equality fails My body, My choice. Your body, your choice. Courts have failed women History’s lessons not learned. My body, My choice. Your body, your choice. Horror stories made forced of woman’s bodies By men, made arrogant with backwards power My body, My choice. Your body, your choice. […]