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The Long-Tailed-Tit

While I will always say the most personal and meaningful bird to myself is the Pied Wagtail, I can not help but get excited when I see one of these beautiful garden birds. When we was moving into our new house in Ebbw Vale, one of the first things to be installed was a bird feeder. […]

The continuing discrimination of Disabled Artists, Writers & Creatives

Frequent and deliberate discrimination is faced by disabled artists in the arts and creative industries… still! why? Disabled artists continue to face discrimination and underrepresentation in the art industry. Despite being the world’s largest minority, disabled artists, authors, film-makers and creatives remain underrepresented in museums and galleries. Studies examining audience diversity in museums and art galleries […]

The importance of dance in creating hope

The transformative power of dance in cultivating hope Dance has the power to transform individuals emotionally and physically, making it an important tool in cultivating hope. Dance has long been associated with positive physical, cognitive, and sociological adaptations for children with emotional difficulties. Additionally, dancing has been found to have numerous benefits for overall health […]

The Human Right to Dignity: Easiest to Dismiss, always the most Invaluable.

The concept of dignity lies at the core of human rights, recognising the inherent worth and equal value of every individual, of you and me. It is a fundamental principle that safeguards our autonomy, freedom, and protection from degrading and discriminatory treatment.  However, despite its significance, the human right to dignity often finds itself vulnerable […]

Perhaps a True Meaning of the Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra, also known as the Prajnaparamita Hridaya Sutra, is one of the most revered texts in Mahayana Buddhism. It is a concise and profound teaching that reveals the essence of wisdom and emptiness.  While the sutra’s language can be challenging to decipher, its true meaning can be understood by delving into its core […]

10 simple ways to be a trans ally

Being a good trans community ally involves actively supporting and advocating for the rights and well-being of transgender individuals. It is more than simply sharing a good image or comment on social media, just ‘thoughts and prayers’ lack the direction action in allyship which the world needs.  It is through true, active allyship that we […]

10 Ways Climate Change is affecting Bird Life in the UK

Climate change is one of the most dangerous and growing factors impacting all nature and wildlife in the UK. Another reason we need to call it the Global Climate Emergency.  “Individually doing the right thing means we make a collectively wonderful difference.” -Tony Malone. 2020 saw the global pandemic caused in part by the climate emergency. 2021 […]