Category: Human Rights

The Human Right to Dignity: Easiest to Dismiss, always the most Invaluable.

The concept of dignity lies at the core of human rights, recognising the inherent worth and equal value of every individual, of you and me. It is a fundamental principle that safeguards our autonomy, freedom, and protection from degrading and discriminatory treatment.  However, despite its significance, the human right to dignity often finds itself vulnerable […]

Clean Environment is a Human Right to come

Sadly, during the past century, the environment of planet earth has been attacked. In some places habitats have been destroyed, in many places, irreparable damage has been done to its forests. The overall effect on Earth’s delicate environment has been devastating – particularly since the systems that would help the process of restoring vegetation will […]

Improving Observance of Human Rights

Detachment does not mean without compassion. I’m often told I don’t speak up for my own work and my own experiences around the world championing human rights, and there is a reason for this. I aim for detachment. This concept of being detached and non-sentimental or judgemental is something that doesn’t mean uncaring, it means […]