23 years of experience in
D&I development.

Since co-founding the Think Tank: Design for Diversity back in 2003 Tony, and his colleagues have shaped the modern Diversity & Inclusion Industry.
Tony’s unparalleled reputation in this space means he can bring people together from across the communities of the world to help solve global and local inequality.

Early on

Since 2001 Tony has been a consultant on ‘Diversity and Communities’ in 2003 he co-founded ‘Design for Diversity’ a WPP global project to look at how communications can be more inclusive. He worked extensively with the UK HomeOffice on Community safety in Policing and the development of what was to become the UK Equalities Act of 2012. He has since been a lead for Diversity & Inclusion at many high profile tech companies, he has help government in 29 countries shape their laws to be more inclusive and has been an active campaigner for reducing inequality across the world in allyship with many civil, human and environmental rights movements.

In 2005 he started work with the BBC, BT & OFCOM on ensuring the new organisation, Digital UK which was to deliver the Digital Switch Over from Analogue to digital broadcasting was inclusive and accessible to everyone, this effected the lives of 62.7 million residents in the UK and was a total success for accessibility of the change through working alongside existing community partnerships.

Since then Tony has advised organisations across the world on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion on all subjects of Reducing Inequalities, He has received many awards and has gone on to write best selling books celebrating the strength of civil rights movements and the personal transformations offered by diversity & inclusion.

Global Goals

In 2006 Tony joined the UN Millennium Sustainability Think Tank, leading on Reducing Inequality and developing aims for Gender Equity. This work helped shape the UN Sustainable Development goal plans and outcomes for the Global Goals towards a more sustainable, equitable world by 2030.

Tony continues to advise in meeting SDG10: Reducing Inequality and SDG5: Gender Equality by working with companies and NGOs to develop and share resources to achieve these goals. -And they are working!


At present Tony is a popular facilitator and conference chair for EU and UK Government & Public Policy meetings on all areas of Inclusion and Civil Rights, he is also acting chair of the World Diversity Society and an ongoing advisor on Human Rights to many organisations. Tony has a passion for including young people in EDI conversations. He is currently the EDI Lead for the Marine Society & Sea Cadets, (Contract) the Commissioner for Inclusion for Scouts Cymru (Volunteering) and the WorldScouting Consultant for Diversity & Inclusion (Volunteering).

Tony continues to work alongside many Tech and future-looking organisations advising on all areas of Diversity & Inclusion. He has also worked in recent years in the HealthCare sector and Education provision.

You may also see or hear Tony speak across the world as a regular guest speaker, a visiting lecturer at universities and as a radio and television consultant and commentator on reducing inequalities.


Tony and his team of 28 fellow consultants are available to work with organisations across the world who want to not only commit to inclusive transformation but to deliver projects which are impactful and bring about positive change.

We work strategically with strategy informing training, consultancy and delivery of transformation.

Our network of colleagues, rights movements and community development is unparalleled globally and ensures we can pull the best people from across the world to help shape your organisation’s future.

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