Tony has been a long term commentator and interview subject on areas of human rights, faith, communities and disability arts. Here are some of the highlights.

Key media interviews:

2023, BBC WorldService, Commentator on Youth Inclusion. (Radio)

2023, FREEWRITE, Interview, (Magazine)
2023, Coesia Connect, Interview, (Online)

2023, BBC Radio Wales, Volunteering in Wales Interview. (Radio)
2022, S4C, Diversity & Inclusion Awards (TV)
2022, BBC Radio Wales, Human Rights of Refugees interview, (Radio)
2021, NYC BLM Review, Interview on compassion and race (Online)
2020, MacMillian Cancer Care Talks, Empowerment of minorities (Online)
2019, BSA Interview on Equality in Youth Equality Work (TV)
2019, Scouting Magazine UK, brief interview, (Magazine)
2019, MyClassicBoat, film interview (TV)
2018, Arts International, interview
2017, Scouting Magazine, Refugee Project
2017, MyClassicBoat, film interview 
2016, London Metropolitan Archives, featured interview for #SpeakOut
2014, Courageous Creativity, Magazine, USA 
2014, Kent Messenger, Clean rivers campaign work HM Coastguard.
2013, GayTimes, multi spread feature.
2013, Various press: Arctic sailing
2012, Olympic branding critique interview
2011, Local & National press for tea
2010, BBC Radio, Tea interviews
2009, Unitied Nations, featured artist
2009, BBC feature on artists documentary (TV)
2008, BBC Radio London (Radio)
2008, ITN, Interview EU Design Project
2007, Interview, Design Week
2007, Various features, Pink News
2007, Interview, Wall St Magazine
2006, Interview, Blueprint magazine
2004, Interview, GayTimes magazine
2004, Feature, DesignWeek magazine
2004, Feature, TheTimes Newspaper
2003, Feature, DesignWeek
2002, BBC Arts interview
2001, Feature, Kent Messenger Newspaper