Past project works

Here are some of the wonderful projects Tony has been involved in over the years these are marked up as volunteering with (V)  or professional/paid work (P).

These are the projects I can celebrate, some are old, some young, some still running. There are more I can not discuss due to the nature and safety of human rights works. If you would like more information please do contact me on the link at the bottom of this page.

The Arts

2022 Intersectional Arts Festival NYC (V)
A contributor for LGBT+, Faith and Disability arts.

2015-2018 Together! Festival (V)
A volunteer at London’s leading festival for disability arts in music, visual arts and film.

2013 Medway River Festival (V)
A lead committee member of the relaunch of the historic medway river festival in Chatham. With an aim to ‘inspire our diverse community and engage with our shared pasts’.

2012 Liberty Festival (V)
Supporting artist & volunteer for the Post ParaOlympics Art Festival.

2009 International Year of Astronomy (P)
Lead global artist for youth engagement and participation workshops across the world for the UNESCO international science event.

Penny Dreadfuls (P)
2002-2011, Working with the wonderful Horror Historian and Author Chris Roberts, Tony co-edited, authored and illustrated a popular series of ‘Penny Dreadful’ horror books and stories set in London. Later links into radio plays and productions.

Tredegar House Disability Arts Festival 2010 (V)
Lead volunteer for a Welsh Disability Arts Festival with Disability Arts Cymru.

There are more details on arts projects can be found on Tony’s Exhibition and Media page here


Safer Neighbourhoods (P)
A communications and community engagement campaign with the Metropolitan Police and the UK HomeOffice to develop diversity projects across London and to help with counter-terrorism intelligence.

2001-2003, Community, Anti-Social, Behaviour, Action Team.  Initially working on the brand and communications design and accessibility, but later on the community involvement and social pride projects around combating anti-social behaviour within London boroughs.

Refugee Pride (V)
Working with the UNHCR, a project initially in Kenya but later globally to support, recognise, listen and celebrate LGBTQI+ refugees in refugee camps. Initially working with Kakuma Refugee Camp to host a small ‘Pride’ celebration. The project although a success is still, as of 2022, finding immense opposition but it is making a genuine difference.

Southwark LGBT+ Network (V)
2002-2009 A founding member of this wonderful “off-scene” community resilience and project group to support LGBTQI+ people who live, work or relax in the Southwark area of London. A trailblazing project I always remain proud to be a part of.

London Gay Men’s Chorus (V & P)
Via Design for Diversity PLP agency sponsorship of the communications, accessibility and brand of this leading gay mens choir.

Tiger Hill Tea Community (V)
Founder of ‘Ethical Tea Consultancy Partnership’ an organisation to re-position tea picking as highly skilled labour and create better conditions for tea workers in India and Nepal. I was founder and later CEO before the organisation was passed to local communities to own and run.

LGBT+ History Month UK (V)
A founder member of the first committee of LGBT+ History Month UK and a continuing trustee & advocate.

Diversity & Inclusion

All access All free (P & V)
Project founder in 2004 of a project with all UK Rail Networks to allow free travel for Disabled People who face regular second class treatment due to inaccessibility of the rail network.  A successful pilot was run, lots of learnings produced but sadly no rail company was willing to commit to any meaningful change. But for one year it was fantastic 😀

Imperial Health Charity (P)
From 2017 to ongoing now in 2022, Consultant for EDI to one of London’s leading NHS charities. Transformational change around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion through seminars and training against a larger strategy.

Various talks and seminars on Youth Civil Rights in safeguarding settings.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDG5 & SDG10 Committees (V)
Committee member for SDG5: Gender Equality and Chair of the SDG10: Reducing Inequality Committee for the UN Millennium to Sustainable Development goals think tank. 2002-2010.  A global project to change the world for the better.

Digital UK Switchover (P)
Consultant to ensure that the UK Switchover from Analogue to Digital TV was inclusive and ethical for all. 2004-2009

Duke of Edinburgh Award: WorldAward, Diversity Consultation (V)
Facilitator for Diversity & Inclusion for the WorldAward to look at Diversity & Inclusion globally. Lead for English Language countries.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2003-2010 (V)
Advisory committee chair for accessibility and inclusion.

European Standards for Accessibility (V)
Chair of committee for access and disability policy.

RNIB TypeGuide (2001) (P)
Commissioned author of the first sets of typographic guides for visually impaired design and information graphics.

W3C Guidline committee (P)
2000-2005 Advisor on online accessibility for visually impaired, nurodiverse, visual sensory concerns and autism to the global internet W3C committee.

Mind (V)
Advisor for accessibility and racial diversity in wellbeing, 2009-2014

Age UK
Advisor alongside the UK HomeOffice for caring, assistance and human rights for elderly people. 2004-2010

National Autistic Society (V)
Volunteer for resource and training development. 2011-2016

Royal Society of Arts (V)
Committee member for building and architectural accessibility, 2001-2005

ShelterBox (P)
2021-2022 Global Specialist for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion for a leading UK humanitarian aid agency. My role there was to oversee EDI transformation and support ongoing projects.

Science & Technology

Nokia Access (P)
Establishing of Disabled People’s user groups for early mobile phone technology. 1997-1999

Sony-Erricsson Interaction Panel (P)
Chair of Accessibility forum for Digital Technology Group, 2001-2006

Apple Universal Access Project (P)
Development and consultancy of accessibility to enabling technology group for engineering and software.  External Director member. 2004-2020

BT Wholesale Disability Advisor (P)
Advisor for Telecoms accessibility and customer service design, chair of the BAME recruitment project 2004-2006

Government services

UN Independent Advisor on Human Rights (V/P)

UN OCHR Special Advisor on Youth Human Rights (V)

UK HomeOffice Advisor on Diversity for Domestic Abuse (P)

UK HomeOffice, Human Rights Advisor

UK Consultant on legislation (UK Equalities Act Draft commission (V)

USA Government: Congressional Advisor for Human Rights
Special address: 2017

The Government of South Korea: Human Rights Advisor
Special address & workshops 2018-2019

 Institute of Government and Public Policy:

National Neurodiversity Conference 2022-23: Chairperson. (V)

UK National Diversity & Inclusion Conference 2022: Speaker. (V)

UK National LGBTQI+ Conference 2022: Chairperson. (V)

UK National Refugee Conference 2022: Chairperson. (V)

UK National LGBTQI+ Conference 2021: Chairperson. (V)

UK National Diversity & Inclusion Conference 2022: Speaker. (V)

Metropolitan Police Community Advisor (V)
Part of the Metropolitan Police community advisory and consulting group after the London Bombings in 2005.

Metropolitan Police Diversity Consultant (P)
2003-2009 various projects on Race Equality and LGBT+ community.

Mayor of London Diversity Pan-London Forum (V)
Panelist, Chair, & vice-chair, 2002-2008

2004-2010 & 2016-2019, Advisor for Global Diversity Considerations and communications committee.

Security & Armed Forces

UK Special Consultant on Human Rights (P)
Consultant and trainer on commUN OCHR Special

The Royal Navy (P)
Consultant and trainer on community engagement, 2009-2013

The Royal Marines (P)
Consulting and set-up of their first equality and diversity committee in 2004

Corporate projects

Apple (P)
Various projects as a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant and an Ethics Advisor.

Starbucks Coffee (P)
Non-Executive Associate Director for Diversity & Equality to advise the corporate board on human and civil rights matters and activism.

BBC Wales / S4C (P)
Guest commentator for Local Welsh produce and youth work, 2006-2010

Disability Consultant 2002, and Information Accessibility Consultant, 2005
Various projects around on screen diversity campaigning 2006-2012

Academic & Educational

Harvard University USA
Associate professor of Ethics: Diversity, 2018 to 2021
Associate professor of Ethics: Human Rights, 2015 to 2018

KIAD / University College of Arts
Visiting lecturer: Art & Rights, 2003-2008

The WorldScout Academy
Workshop facilitator and support for the largest non-formal education conferences in the world for Scouts and Guides. 2019-2021

University of Mumbai
Online lecturer (Visiting Professor): InterFaith Dialogue, 2009-2020

International Peace work

Special Reporter on Human Rights (V)
2014, Human Rights Watch / Amnesty / GreenPeace

Advisor on conflict resolution (P)
UN InterFaith Council 

Special advisor for Peace, World Buddhist Centre (V)
Various projects advising Buddhist Monks and Lamas, 2002-2022

Peace Ambassador & Reporter, Amnesty International (V)
Reporting work on LGBTQI+ Safety and Human Rights, 2005-2022 

UNHCR Youth Rights Advisor for conflict zones (V) 
Visiting refugees, undertaking casework and advocacy for safety. 2014-2020 

Inter-faith Peace work 

Advisor on conflict resolution (V)
Office of the Dalai Lama & The Dalai Lama Centre for Peace Education. Lead advisor and committee chair for D&I, vice chair of global security committee.


I have been very active in scouting over the last decade, responsible for many projects across the UK and the world.  This selection is a few of my favourite, most impactful or memorable projects.

2017: Global Tea Scouting
Linking up 6 counties across the world to teach young people Buddhist Tea Ceremonies and develop interfaith friendships.

2016: UK Specialist Advisor for Inclusion
A member of the team of specialist advisors within the UK HQ team.

2018-2020: UK Scouts Inclusion Consultant (Commissioner)
A part funded, part volunteer role to advise and shape UK Scouts Policies on Inclusion.

2018: Woe Community, Ghana 
Taking a group of 24 young people out to build toilets and sanitation in a local school.

2019: World Scout Jamboree USA
Part of the World Scouting Jamboree Planning Team for Youth activities around Diversity & Inclusion, Faiths & Beliefs, Human Rights, LGBT+ Inclusion.

2018: Environmental Considerations, Malta
Working with scouts from 5 different countries to develop ways young people can develop peer to peer resources on the SDGs, climate change and water pollution.

2020: WorldScotuing Pandemic response
Part of the team delivering resources, advice and consultancy on Diversity & Inclusion to 172 member national organisations, supporting 57million young people worldwide.

2023: World Scout Jamboree South Korea
Part of the team delivering interfaith services and resources for the faiths and beliefs area and a member of the WorldScouting Inter-religious Forum.