Their words are our chains

Their words are our chains, woven with care,

By the rich men who seek power and status quo.

Tales they spin, there lies their laughter.

Our narrative given, their control.

Their words are our chains, crafted in hate,

Elected, empowered, fulled to full by deceit

To shape our lives and keep us incomplete.

No answered questions just blame each other.

Their words are our chains, we’ll not break apart,

Unveiling the truth, igniting a damp spark.

For stories are potent, resilient and strong,

When longer silenced, they sing their own song.

Their words are our chains, heavy and tight,

Spirits have yielded, we must reclaim our light.

They’ll rewrite the script, with a narrative smooth,

Reshaping the world with a bold, hopeful hue.

Their words are our chains, we will set ourselves free,

No longer confined by their tales of control,

Together we’ll rise, and justice extol.

When we ignore their lies and move on anew.

Their words are our chains, let’s shatter them wide,

In solidarity, we’ll rise, Voices united.

Power of real, of community of love,

Ignore their narrative, reclaim our land.

Their words are our chains, hard to break but we will.

Speak truth to power, as re-election looms.

Vote in right conviction, right thought, right power,

From the darkness, the sound of breaking chains.